Air Fryer Roast Pork With Crispy Crackling

This super juicy pork roast with crispy crackling is one the family will love. Super easy to make and a great alternative method to cooking it in the oven.


PREP TIME:  10 mins
COOK TIME: 1 hr 35 mins
SERVINGS:  6 People
CALORIES:  430 kcal


  • 1.7 kg Boneless Pork Leg Or a size suited to your air fryer
  • 1 tbsp Table Salt
  • 2 tbsp Olive Oil more if needed
  • 2 tbsp Sea Salt more if needed


  • Dry your pork with paper towel, score the skin. Then rub table salt over the skin, cover with a tea towel and place in the fridge over night.
  • Remove the pork from the fridge to bring up to room tempreture before cooking.
  • Cover the pork, including underneath with olive oil. Rub sea salt over the skin making sure it goes into the score marks also. Add some more oil over the top of the skin and a rub another light amount of seat salt over the top.
  • Pre heat your air fryer for 2 minutes at 200°C.
  • Spray the air fryer basket with non-stick cooking spay and place the pork in the basket.
  • Cook at 200°C for 20 minutes on the roast setting, then reduce heat to 180°C and cook for 25 minutes per 500gms
  • When the pork reaches 68°C remove from the air fryer to rest. Your pork will cook further while resting. Once it reaches 71°C you can carve and serve.


Serving: 6People Calories: 430kcal (22%) Protein: 63g (126%) Fat: 18g (28%) Saturated Fat: 4g (25%) Cholesterol: 179mg (60%) Sodium: 4857mg (211%) Potassium: 1061mg (30%) Calcium: 17mg (2%) Iron: 2mg (11%)

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