Lemon Cheese Mousse

Ingredients for the base:
1 packet of digestive biscuits
2 tablespoons of sugar
50g butter

For the cream:
3 tablespoons of lemon juice
1 tablespoon of water
3 gelatine leaves
350ml cream
110g powdered sugar Yellow food coloring
370g Philadelphia cream cheese
250ml lemon curd

Preparation of the Lemon Cheese Mousse with the Thermomix:

Crush the biscuits together with the sugar and the butter for 10 seconds at speed 6 at room temperature. Spread the mixture on the bottom of the glasses.

Heat the lemon juice and water in the mixing bowl for 3 minutes at 60°C at speed 1. Then add the gelatine and mix for 30 seconds at speed 3.

Attach the butterfly whisk and beat the cream with 40g powdered sugar for about 2 minutes at speed 3.5 until stiff peaks form. Add the food coloring and mix for another 10 seconds.

In a separate bowl, mix the Philadelphia cream cheese well with the remaining powdered sugar. Add the lemon curd and melted gelatine, and mix well. Gently fold the whipped cream into the Philadelphia mixture.

Fill the glasses with the cream and decorate as desired.

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